Flat Bottom Pouch made by Aluminum Foil

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Flat bottom pouches are a type of flat bottom bag packaging known for their versatility and clever design. Known under many names, including square bottom pouches, box bottom bags and simply box pouch, flat bottom pouch bags double as a box, offering a configuration that combines stability and versatility in an innovative packaging solution.

What’s more, flat bottom pouches can hold larger volumes of your product and really boost its visibility in a busy retail environment. This undeniable commercial advantage, combined with the flat bottom pouch resealable nature, makes flat bottom pouch bags a popular choice in the world of flat bottom bag packaging.

Flat bottom pouches are suitable for a range of industries and applications. Read on to find out more.

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How to make flat bottom bag/pouch work for you?

Flat bottom pouch bags have a number of considerable advantages. For one, the high-quality materials they are made of (laminated PET, VMPET and PE) pair well with the flat bottom pouch resealable feature to keep a whole variety of products fresh for a prolonged period of time. Available in a range of seals, from tin tie to heat sealer, flat bottom bag packaging is beloved by pet food manufacturers as well as distributors of (human) food and drinks.

Another feature which sets flat bottom pouches aside from other alternatives is the large printable surface area. You’ve got access to five panels (front, back, bottom, and two side gussets) which you can use to display key product information and promote your brand. Many of our clients, for instance, delegate the barcode to the bottom and dedicate the remaining four sides to showcasing their branding.

Flat bottom paper bag (Kraft)

Kraft flat bottom pouches are another favourite when it comes to flat bottom bag packaging. In the midst of a move towards being more environmentally conscious, flat bottom paper bags are a great way to attract eco-minded customers who lean towards higher-quality, reusable packaging.

Flat bottom pouch coffee packaging

Kraft flat bottom pouches are particularly popular for storing tea and coffee. In addition to the ‘independent roasters’ aesthetic associated with the Kraft material, flat bottom bag coffee packaging offers essential additional protection. Made from quality high barrier materials (aluminium and VM-PET), flat bottom coffee bags with valve keep coffee beans and tea leaves alike fresh for longer. Plus, thanks to the flat bottom pouch resealable option, the freshness of the products remains intact far beyond the retail shelf and way into the cupboards of customers.

Food grade bags, FDA approved.

Flat bottom bags offer an innovative, on-trend packaging solution for multiple end-markets. Their large size enable them to stand perfectly on shelf or when the bag is upright. It is the ideal solution for food products such as chocolate, coffee, tea and confectionery, as well as pet food. An excellent means of communication thanks to its larger surface area, it is the perfect packaging to promote your super premium quality products.


• Perfect packaging for premium FMCG goods

• Ability to stand securely on shelves

• Flexo printing or rotogravure up to 10 colours

• Variety of reclosable systems such as top zip, top hook and loop, front or top pocket zipper

• Laser scoring for easy opening

• Easy pouring

• Very efficient on low weight bag

• Innovative design

• Keeps your product safe

• Grabs your customers‘ attention

• Available in barrier laminate

• Glossy and matt finishes

• Window options


• Pet food

• Convenience food

• Bakery

• Dry fruits

• Confectionery

• Consumer products

• Laundry bags

• Herbs & spices

• Cosmetics

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