Food Grade Aluminum Foil Stand Up Bags for USA Market

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Maybe you have found in the supermarket that some pacakging bags are just plastic printed bags, but some packaging bags are with a silver metal layer, what’s that? what’s that for?

Well, the packaging bags with a sliver layer is aluminum foiled bags, they are laminated with plastic film and aluminum foiled layer, if you need your packaging bags are light-proof, then the aluminum foiled bags are recommended.

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Because the aluminum is soft and light, which is a kind of  ideal matel material to be used in the packaging bags, and as it's  lighttight ,so it is used in the packaging bags to make the bag light-proof to block all the light outside, to reduce the temprature in the packaging bags, and extend the shelf life of the product into the packaging bags.

But some customers don't need that much light-proof, and feel the pure aluminum is too expensive ,then the aluminum foiled pouch is coming out. The aluminum foiled pouch is just coating the aluminum powder on the plastic film, in this waymthe packaging bags can be light-proof while cheap price. Just aluminum foiled pouch only can prevent 70%~80% light outside, while the pure aluminum pouch can prevent 100%light outside.

No matter it's the pure aluminum pouch or aluminum foiled pouch, they all laminated with plastic films,because aluminum cannot be heat sealed and printed, therefore, there must laminted with plastic film to sealing the pouch, and printing the artwork.

Aluminum foil food bag (1)
Aluminum foil food bag (4)

The aluminum foiled pouch is situable for the product which is rich in fat, such as chocolate, chips, coffee, candy, pet food, and nuts and so on. If you need light-proof packaging bags, then choose foiled pouch.

Aluminum foiled bags can be used in stand-up pouches, flat bags, fin-seal bags, flat-bottom bags, all bag types, and can also be used for vacuum packaging. Generally  the vacuum packaging bags for cooked food, are recommended to add the pure aluminum layer avoids the outside light to extend the shelf life of the product, and the product tastes more intense after opening the packaging bag. In addition, the kraft paper packaging can also be laminated with aluminum foiled layer. This aluminized kraft paper bag has a higher insulation function and a classic appearance.

Aluminum foiledbags can be deisgned  with windows, but pure aluminum packaging bags cannot have windows.

High barrier and top quality material, gravure printing and digital printing.

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