Silk paper food grade bags with colorful printing

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Customized printing with zip lock

Paper bags and sachets are some of the most popular forms of packaging for consumers. Their popularity has grown mainly because they are ecological, as recycled paper, “kraft” paper or a mix of them is used for their production. For this reason, paper sachets are brown or white. In addition, they can be further recycled. We can make various type of paper bags and sachets precisely according to your ideas.

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Paper Bags

Paper bags are made from materials sourced from plants. The material is easily degradable which is what makes it environmentally friendly. In terms of bulk production and consumption, paper bags are compostable and are eco-friendly compared to single use plastic bags because plastics are non-degradable and they tend to stick around for years. Unfortunately, because of its easily degradable material, paper bags disintegrate when wet and are therefore harder to reuse. However, there are different types of bags suitable for different kinds of uses.

Flat paper bags – Since paper bags are more eco-friendly than single use plastic bags, paper bags tend to cost more. Flat paper bags are the cheapest form of paper bags. They are mostly used in bakeries and for takeaways in cafes. Flat paper bags are used to carry light materials.

Foil lined paper bags - Flat paper bags, although safe and most commonly used for food, do not keep the grease away. Foil lined paper bags were made for especially greasy, oily and hot contents such as freshly made kebabs, burritos or barbecue.

Brown Kraft Paper Carry Bags – Kraft paper bags are carry- bags that are thicker than the usual paper bag. They have paper handles for convenience and will not easily degrade. These bags are more popularly used as shopping bags and are often seen printed with store brands. These are more reusable since they can carry heavy objects and withstand a little bit of moisture. These bags are wider than flat or foil lined paper bags and are often used for larger meal deliveries or takeaways.

SOS Takeaway Paper Bags – These are commonly used as grocery bags. They are made out of brown Kraft recycled paper. These paper bags do not have handles and tend to be thinner than the brown Kraft paper carry bags but are wider and can carry more things. They are even stronger than single use plastic bags. SOS paper bags are better used to carry regular things that are dry.

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