Plastic or Aluminum Foil Spouted Pouches for Liquid

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Food grade material and customized spout.

Used for soup, water, juice and sauce, etc.

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In a competitive, fast-moving market it’s important to stand out. With multiple design options across the branding and structure you can make the pouch perfect for your product.

Shorter shelf-life products still need to maintain freshness. Whether for cooked or fresh produce the pouches will help preserve food quality and ensure the products stay fresh, crisp and attractive from warehouse to home.

The Benefits of Spout Pouch Packaging

A spout pouch or bag is a type of flexible packaging. Stand up pouch packaging has become one of the fastest growing packaging formats. Pouches are extremely versatile and can be easily customised. They are now seen an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to rigid plastic bottles, plastics tubs and tins. Spout pouches are now being used for products such as cocktails, petrol station screen wash, baby food, energy drinks and many others.

For children’s food, in particular, manufacturers are turning to spout pouches for products like fruit juice and vegetable puree. They are using spouts that are wide enough to allow the liquid to be filled and dispense freely but are also narrow enough to prevent the liquid from spilling during use.

StarsPacking – Your spout pouch packaging supplier

StarsPacking are specialists in flexible stand up pouch packaging; we can certainly help you to package your products in spout pouches and bags. We can supply spout bags and pouches with a range of different spouts and caps suitable for hand-capping machines, injection filling and fully automated filling processes.

Our spout pouches are made from an array of laminates including PP, PET, Nylon, Aluminium and PE. We are also able to offer BRC certified pouches when required, as we understand that strict standards are a priority in the food industry.

Our spout pouches are available in clear, silver, gold, white, or chrome finish. You can select spout pouches and bags that fit 250ml of content, 500ml, 750ml, 1-litre, 2-litre and up to 3-litre, or can customise them according to your size requirements.

Benefits of Spout Packaging

With spout pouch packaging, your products will enjoy the following benefits:

• High convenience – your customers can access the content from spout pouches easily and on the go.

• Eco-friendly – in comparison to rigid plastic bottles, pouches significantly less plastic, meaning they require less natural resources to produce.

• Evacuation – pouches can evacuate up to 99.5% of the product, cutting down food waste.

• Economical – spout pouches cost less than many conventional food packaging options.

• High visibility – you can custom print on these spout pouches and make your products stand out on the retail shelves.

If you are looking for the best food and drink packaging, why not get in touch with our pouch packaging specialists and order a free standup pouch sample. We are always on hand to advise you on the best options to promote your products and help you place an order.

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