Soft Touch Coffee Bag with Valve and Tin Tie

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Getting the right coffee bags keeps your coffee fresh, lets you effectively tell your coffee story, and maximizes your brand’s shelf appeal not to mention your profits. Confused about where to start?
Why grabbing the right bag is important – things to consider.
You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours obsessing over and perfecting your product, which is what you should do, so why skimp on the packaging? Your coffee packaging should represent the product experience you want your customers to enjoy. Promote that experience by putting some thought into it and really nailing your packaging.

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A few seconds to steal a shopper’s attention.
Gaining a shopper’s attention is the first step toward making a sale. Knowing what your customer wants before they do will help guide their buying decision. Get this step right and the rest will fall into place. Start thinking outside the box and inside the bag!
Bag Styles
Select the coffee bag style that’s perfect for your product and message. Each coffee bag style and material combination is heat sealer ready with its own unique benefits. So let’s dive in.
Stand Up Pouch
What’s great about a stand up pouch? Pretty much everything!
Shelf Appeal-ability
Mind-blowing! Printable on all 3 sides (front, back, bottom) with lots of surface area to get your company story told. With custom sizes and multiple standard sizes available, this a solid choice for your coffee beans.
Also mind-blowing! Our most versatile coffee packaging for the addition of options including a degassing valve, zipper (child-resistant zipper, cannabis applications), tear notch, and 3 styles of hang hole.
Awesome. While there is a more budget friendly option, the bang you get for your buck on this bag outweighs its’ price.
Also awesome. Pretty easy to fill - depending on your technique.
Mind-blowing! Very shelf stable; not easy to tip over.
Flat Bottom
What do we love about flat bottom pouches (block bottom bags)? Their unique ability to shout ‘CLASSY’! The sweetest of the sweet bags...the cheese to the macaroni...the peanut butter to the jelly. You get it.
Shelf Appeal-ability
Mind-blowing! Nothing says ‘amazing’ like a flat bottom pouch. All sides (front, back, each side gusset, bottom) are printable making this a very formidable choice for endless branding configurations.
Great. Options available for this bag are somewhat limited compared to other styles. However, they do include degassing valves and multiple styles of zippers.
Pretty good. Not our most economical bag, this pouch hits the mark on usability and class.
Mind-blowing! Easily fillable with its large open top providing quick access.
Mind-blowing! Very shelf stable! Nearly hurricane proof.
As a traditional coffee packaging go-to, gusseted bags offer great reliability and affordability. Probably the most common style in the coffee bag industry.
Shelf Appeal-ability
Mind-blowing! Printable on all sides (front, back, each side gusset, bottom), the side gusseted bag (sometimes known as quad seal) can really showcase your awesome brand. Grab attention; show off your brand!
Pretty good. Options are somewhat limited but include degassing valves and tin-ties.
Mind-blowing! As our most affordable custom printed pouch, this bag nails it with a wide variety of materials and multiple sizes.
Awesome! Filling our side gusseted bag is pretty easy especially when using a very flexible material.
Pretty good - Awesome. Depending on the material choice (thicker material is more resistant to bending), the bags can be a little tricky to get to stand up. It’s certainly doable but may require a little finesse.
Flat Pouch
The perfect choice for roasted coffee samples or single serving applications. Custom sizes available up request.
Shelf Appeal-ability
Mind-blowing! With the entire surface of the pouch being printable, there’s enormous branding potential.
Awesome. Do it up! Options on the flat pouch include 3 styles of hang hole, zipper, tear notch.
Mind-blowing! A very affordable option for ground coffee or whole bean coffee. Excellent for single serve or samples. Who doesn’t love a free sample?
Awesome. Does require a little hand-holding unless you have the right equipment.
Mind-blowing! Since they don’t technically have a bottom, there’s no way to tip them over.
Choosing The Right Coffee Bag Options
After spending oodles of time ordering multiple green coffee samples, roasting them, then hours at the cupping table evaluating to determine the perfect coffees to roast, make a statement! Be distinguishable. Step up your packaging game by choosing the correct options for your beautiful bag. Let’s take a look at them.
A zipper creates an airtight seal to completely lock in freshness, ensuring your coffee stays at its best after opening.
Tin Tie
Tin ties keep your bag shut after it’s been opened. It’s not as air-tight as a zipper, but it still does an acceptable job keeping out air. To use it effectively, you simply fold the top ½” of the coffee bag over the tin tie, then another fold over, and wrap the ends around the bag to hold it in place.
Pro-tip: If possible, place your tin tie low enough on the bag to allow the customer enough material to effectively fold over the tin tie once opened.
Degassing Valve
Why is there a hole in my coffee bag?
A degassing valve allows the CO2 which roasted coffee produces to escape the sealed bags. It’s a one-way road so carbon dioxide escapes and oxygen can’t enter. Your fresh roasted coffee is saved from the elements. This gives customers the peace of mind that your coffee is high quality and packaged right after roasting. 
Tear Notch
Adding a tear notch enables your customers to easily tear the pouch open. It’s an accessibility feature that allows quick access to your product.
Hang Hole
Add one of the various hang hole styles allowing the pouch to be hung on a peg hook at any retail location.
Custom Printed Or Blank Resealable Bag Tape
Our custom printed option allows you a little more space to get your message across. Although not as effective as a tin tie, it’s still a good option for maintaining package close-ability and freshness retention.

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